Presenter Warm Ups

Body, breath, and voice

Led by Ilene Bergelson
What do Serena Williams, Lady Gaga, and Yo Yo Ma have in common? They warm up before they deliver their greatness. They know that stepping onto a court, stage, or auditorium and giving their best requires priming themselves for optimal performance. The best presenters know this, as well. "Going out there cold" would be unthinkable.

In this brisk, three-stop tour through the world of warm-ups, you'll learn simple, effective strategies that will not only get you ready to be your best self in the moment, but also increase your physical ease, breath support, and vocal agility. You'll practice warm-ups you can use for in-person and virtual settings. As a speaker, YOU are your instrument so play full out

This session is for public speakers who want to take their delivery to the next level.