The Art of Interaction

How to make magic happen

Led by Ingrid Mengdehl
When you talk to someone about PowerPoint, you can be pretty certain their minds go automatically to a bland conference room, a lot of slides, and an overly enthusiastic presenter. But if these past couple of years has taught us anything, itís that sometimes, you don't have the luxury of being in the same room as your audience. Sometimes, you have to rely on your slides to present themselves, and the best way to achieve that is to infuse some interactivity into them. Seems daunting? It really isn't.

In this session, we'll be looking at how to unlock PowerPoint's hidden capabilities of interactivity and how best to use them to engage your audience. Whether itís hyperlinks, animation triggers, custom shows, or the ever-popular Slide Zooms, you'll leave eager to create your own interactive deck.