Sketched Out

Think and communicate visually, even if you can't draw

Led by Lisa Rothstein
In today's increasingly complex, digital, data-driven, and now virtual world, the ability to engage, communicate and collaborate visually -- from napkin sketches to online whiteboards -- is a uniquely human superpower that can bridge many gaps, physical, interpersonal, cultural, and cognitive.

This session introduces you to the language of simple drawings to help you explain and simplify complex ideas, foster collaboration and mutual understanding, gain consensus and buy-in, and captivate and engage any audience, in-person or virtual. Even if you think you can't draw your way out of a wet paper bag!

Highlights to include:

This seminar is for anyone who wants to add quick and expressive live drawings to their presentations and meetings in order to engage, entertain, and/or enlighten their audiences and teams.