The ROI of DIY

Getting the best return when creating your own presentations

Led by Jody Wissing
Presentations are part of who you are, not a file on your computer. When you are tasked with creating a presentation to communicate your ideas and concepts, how do you effectively do it yourself, and how do you know when to bring in a presentation professional? This session explores the value of your ideas and vision and how slides can communicate them by exploring the real role they play and how to interact with them for maximum impact.

We'll dig into the power of presentation strategy and setting systems for slide success that you can draw upon at a moment's notice. We’ll discuss the return on investment of utilizing presentations as your communication vehicle.

After all, without ideas, there would be no innovation, and without presentations, there would be no progress.

Highlights to include:

Professional people who desire to get into a deeper relationship with their ideas, express them through slides, and inspire action through presentations.