Jody Wissing

As a presentation creatologist, Jody has an undeniable talent for simplifying, organizing, and visualizing complex ideas, information, and innovation. Jody is passionate about her work and understands the importance of delivering presentations that encourage a growth mindset. She has a unique ability to enchant her audience, providing them with an educational and engaging experience that stays with them long after the presentation ends. She excels at automating workflows and constructing systems to efficiently reuse and repurpose content and slides.

After work is done, she's a modern-day adventurer with a passion for exploring the great outdoors by trail running, cycling, and paddleboarding. She resides in a tiny house, which perfectly suits her minimalist lifestyle. As she likes to say, "I play Tetris with my stuff, simplifying and organizing in a manner that helps me refine my skills in creating simplified presentations." As an avid explorer, Jody frequently hits the road in her off-road Airstream Basecamp with her pup Stella, embarking on epic journeys across the country.