Participating Summer Webinars

The following Training Magazine Network webinars will feature a free virtual pass awarded to the Presentation Summit. For details on these free webinars and to register for any of them, click any of the SIGN UP links (all open into new browser windows).

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Tue, Jun 13
9a PDT / 12p EDT

How Animation Can Rock Your Storytelling     Rick Altman
When you think of animation, do you think of flying bullets and spiraling titles? Many people do, unfortunately, and so animation suffers a bad reputation. In fact, one of your best opportunities to shine as a presenter and storyteller is through smart, effective, and appropriate use of motion. In this hour, we ll explore exactly what that means, using the Animation engine and the always-amazing Morph transition.  VIEW RECORDING

Wed, Jun 14
9a PDT / 12p EDT

Creating Customizable Avatars with PowerPoint's Cartoons      Ellen Finkelstein
Creative avatars is a great way to represent typical employees or customers that you’re talking about in your training but it has always been hard to find a variety of avatars drawn in the same style and give those avatars the expressions you want to portray. For example, a common situation is to show a before and after situation. A customer might be frustrated before they buy your product and then, hopefully, be happy and you want to show an avatar expressing both those emotions. PowerPoints cartoon characters give you all the tools you need to accomplish this.  VIEW RECORDING

Wed, Jun 21
12n PDT / 3p EDT

Victory with Vectors     Mike Parkinson
Learn about the power and awesomeness of vector graphics in PowerPoint. Use simple vector elements to make professional PowerPoint slides and graphics in minutes. Geek out with Mike as he breaks down pro tips and techniques to make your job easier, lower file size, and blow everyone away with incredible new skills.  VIEW RECORDING

Thu, Jul 13
12n PDT / 3p EDT

Ten Secrets to Killing Your Next Virtual Presentation     Rick Altman
Now three years in with virtual presenting being a thing, few people really love it and fewer still are truly good at it. Let’s change that this month with an exploration of some vital fundamentals, well-kept secrets, and a few OH WOW moments to help you jumpstart your virtual game.  VIEW RECORDING

Wed, Aug 9
9a PDT / 12p EDT

Using Chat GPT Responsibly to Generate Presentation Ideas and Do Research     Ellen Finkelstein
Chat GPT has become wildly popular but you can get burned. Discover how to use Chat GPT (and Microsoft s Copilot) responsibly to save time without making all your content sound GPT-bland.   REGISTER NOW

Tue, Aug 15
9a PDT / 12p EDT

Artificial Presentations: Best Thing Ever or Worst Ever?     Rick Altman
Are ChatGPT and all the other rapidly emerging AI engines the new life-blood of presentation creation or are they a death knell? Maybe they will be both! Join in on this first look at how AI will impact our workflow as presentationists: how it can assist in research, photo search, fleshing out of content, and actual building of slides. Soon, you might not be able to tell if a human authored those slides and nobody really knows if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

This introduction and overview addresses these implications. It answers the question of how and how not, why and why not to use these powerful new building blocks.  REGISTER NOW

Tue, Aug 25
12n PDT / 3p EDT

PowerPoint Templates     Karlis Sprogis
Details Coming

Thu, Sep 7
12n PDT / 3p EDT

PowerPoint Animation     Richard Goring
Details Coming

Tue, Sep 19
12n PDT / 3p EDT

PowerPoint Charts That Stand Out     Nolan Haims
When it comes to charts, we all know how to make bars, lines, and pies. But sometimes we want something a little different. Microsoft PowerPoint MVP Nolan Haims will show you how to extend and hack PowerPoint's charting tools to create unique data visualizations that will stand out and make audiences take notice.  REGISTER NOW

Wed, Oct 4
12n PDT / 3p EDT

Speedy Slide Makeovers     Mike Parkinson
Mike shares exactly how he turned an amateur deck into a professional presentation in just a few hours. Discover his latest quick and simple slide design techniques to streamline your work. You will be amazed at how simple it can be when you know how. No design skill required.  REGISTER NOW